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03 janeiro


Hardware Engineer POSITION – São Paulo BRASIL

Multinational company hiring.
Please send Resume in English  to: danielavidigal@quatre.com.br
Your salary  expectation  must be informed and will be considered by the company.

Hardware Engineer
Reporting to Hardware manager
Job location: Sao Paulo/SP, Brazil
1、 Good communication with customer about hardware technical problems;
2、 Provide local certification support, such as ANATEL;
3、 Keep good sense to market and acquire more information about competitive products in the market;
4、 Help customer and Coship team test hardware in the field and do some modification on samples under the help of Coship team if needed;
5、 Interact with ODMs and Contract Manufacturers on manufacturability etc;
1. Bachelor degree, major in Electrical/Computer Engineering or equivalent;
2. 2-5 years of overall Electronic Systems/Circuit design experience. RF and power
design experience is a plus;
3. Strong Portugal and English (or Chinese) capability to work with product team from
4. Good knowledge about both digital and analog Electronics circuit theory and
5. Be skilled at soldering components and testing by using equipments such as
 universal meter, oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer;
6. Be familiar with STB systems about installation and design;
7. Knowledge of CE device requirements on electromagnetic compatibility and
8. Know about Advanced Security requirement of Hardware;
9. Experienced at manufacture of electronic products and know much about
manufacture process;

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